Breaking Barriers With a Brush

Behind The Line is an art education organization dedicated to providing exciting and tangible learning opportunities that address barriers and serve all demographics. Our mission is to inspire creativity and enhance the social inclusion of our participants through artistic exploration and professional skill development with visual arts. Our creative process emphasizes and supports a strengths-based design, self-expression, the reduction of stress and challenging behaviours, improvement in communication and fine motor skills, and increases self-awareness and confidence. We work with local businesses, organizations and community groups to develop creative programs and projects that challenge perceptions, raise awareness and beautify our communities.

Core Values

  • Engagement

    Engagement is the foundation of what we do. We are dedicated to creating experiences and programs that are impactful, inspiring and interactive.

  • Ownership

    Ownership is a key element of youth engagement and has the power to transform a simple idea into a transformative experience. Through collaboration and community involvement we strive to create an environment that promotes self-investment and ownership.

  • Stigmas

    Stigmas and stereotypes can be vastly detrimental to individual growth and development. We provide an environment free of labels and stigmas and challenge social stereotypes by engaging in open dialogue and inclusive programming.

  • Adaptability

    Adaptability allows us to connect with the vision and aspirations of various demographics, individuals and organizations. We specialize in developing dynamic partnerships by creating adapted and customized programs that meet the needs of our participants and partners.

  • Inclusion

    Inclusion is what Behind the Line represents! We provide services for all demographics including Autism Spectrum, individuals with learning disabilities, special needs, mental health, multiple barriers and high priority communities.